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Know How to Take Care of Timber Flooring in Sydney

By: floorform On May 20, 2016

Timber floor has naturally elegant finish. Over the time it tends to fed out that gives pale look to the entire property. Hardwood floor needs to be handled delicately to prolong its beauty and life. If you fancy for timber and longing to know how to upkeep its beauty then mere moping and dusting won’t work. You need to be little careful and caution about its maintenance.

To keep the best shine of timber flooring in Sydney, you need to know how to clean it properly. Too much of hot water or excess dampness can make blotches over it. The right mop and mopping do the trick to keep its beauty for long. Do you know the trick? Read on to know how to maintain timber flooring.

• Keep the mop as dry as possible. Squeeze out the excess water and dampen it with little water. Use mop and bucket together so that it would be easy for you to wring out the water on every move.

• First you need to choose the right mop. Unless you pick the right one you won’t be able to clean it with ease. People prefer the one having flat surface with rotating head or with strips. Regardless of the type, you need to choose the one that’s only designed only for timber.

• Never use any harsh chemical or soap for cleaning the surface. Always make sure you’re using tested and tried solutions that’s specially designed for wood surface.

• Follow the grains of your floor and rotate the mop accordingly to ensure you’re cleaning off the engraved dirt properly.

If you are busy and unable to manage time for such chores then it’s always a great idea to hire timber flooring service in Sydney. The installers know how to do it professionally and impeccably.